Identifying the “Others”

Have you ever heard the famous phrase: Good things come in two’s? OK, maybe it’s not a famous phrase, but it absolutely should be. “Good things come in two’s.” Think about it… Noah led the animals onto the Ark in two’s. We have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two arms, two hands, legs and feet. You like Resee’s Cups? Two’s. Twinkies? I’m just sayin’. And don’t even get me started on Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Fact is, none of us could survive on our own. We need “the others” in order to be complete. That’s why there’s a Billy and a Bethany. A Ben and a Jerry. Tom… & Jerry. Think about “the others” in your life – business or personal –  today. Tell them thanks. Show them you care about them… appreciate them. Tell ’em you’re better off because they’re around.

Seriously, can you even begin to imagine where Hall would be without Oates? And God bless Daryl Dragon. Poor, sweet Tennille would have ended up a house singer in an Opelika grease pit if it hadn’t been for him…


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