Willie and the Woof Doctor

My dad was a better writer than he thought he was. He blamed his writing on “boredom,” but he was actually very talented. I blame whatever talent I may have on trying to be more like him. Ah, the circle of life!

Anyway, I came across this poem a little bit ago and I thought I’d share it. He would probably hate the fact that you’re about to read this, but I absolutely love it. I’m not sure why he wrote this story about a dog that lost his “woof.”

I guess he was just bored. Enjoy…


Once upon some time from now
In a land where dogs could talk
And walk around on two hind legs
Like normal people walk—

There lived a Mama and Papa dog
Named Mr. and Mrs. Spaniel
And God gave them some puppy dogs
Called Willie and Wally and Waniel.

Now Wally and Waniel Cocker Spaniel
Could “woof” and play and joke
But all that Willie could ever say
When he opened his jaws was, “croak”!

He’d croak and croak and croak some more
Until he’d start to cry
‘Cause all the other dogs would “woof”
And laugh as they passed by.

When Willie’s mama asked his dad
About what was wrong with Willie—
“Give him time, my dear, he’s just a pup…
He’ll ‘woof’ like others… really.”

But weeks went by and still no “woof”
And all they’d try would fail
And then the day they’d feared the most—
Willie couldn’t wag his tail.

“Oh woe are we and Willie, too,”
Cried Mama, hopes still sagging
“As if no ‘woof’ was not enough,
Now Willie’s tail stopped wagging.

So Mama called Mrs. Collie Dog
To stay with Wally and Waniel
And off to see the Doctor Dog
Went “woofless,” wagless Willie Spaniel.

“It’s not so bad,” said Doctor Dog
“And though I hate to brag…
Once I fix his ‘woof’ for him…
I think his tail will wag.”

So the doctor looked in Willie’s mouth
While Mama held his paws
And sure enough, there was no “woof”
Down deep in Willie’s jaws.

But what the doctor found instead
Almost gave him a stroke—
Instead of a “woof” in Willie’s throat,
The doctor found a “croak”.

So, he reached inside and got that croak
To save it for a frog—
‘Cause frogs say “croak,” and dogs say “woof,”
And Willie was a dog.

And then the doc reached way, way down
Into his doctor’s bag
And when he found a brand new “woof,”
Willie’s tail began to wag.

So now all the dogs in Doggy Land—
Including Wally and Waniel—
Love that happy puppy dog,
Woofin’, Waggin’ Willie Spaniel.



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