Stop being so good.

A friend sent me this link to a Sunday morning message by a guy named Steve Brown. Mr. Brown was speaking at Perimeter Church in Atlanta.

I listened to it this morning and felt compelled to share it with all (seven) of you. This is a powerful reminder that we are not qualified, nor are we called to “be good.” As believer’s in and followers of Jesus… we are just supposed to “be.”

Give it a listen if you have 30 minutes to spare. Give it a listen even if you don’t. You know, Martin Luther once said that he committed himself to three hours of prayer every single day… unless he was very busy. Then, he prayed for four hours.


If nothing else, this guy’s voice will move you. It’s a good thing he talks about Jesus, though… otherwise he would be terrifying. Even when he suggests – at the beginning – “Let’s go to the throne,” I fell almost immediately. Not out of reverence, really… I was just afraid not to.



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