It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and I know that all 7 of you have been wondering where I’ve been. Truth is, I’ve been “all over.” I haven’t traveled to exotic places or even been very far from my kitchen table, really, but I have been a bit aloof with respect to my thinking and my doing and my writing.

I just haven’t had very much to say. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is that I do and what it is I am doing and what I should be doing and where I’ll be doing it 6 months from now. I still don’t know the answer to that last one, but I was reminded tonight about the answers to the others.

I am a writer, by trade, and whether a good one or a hack… I have often thought that being a writer is about introspection and figuring out  how what you have to say will effect the folks who read your words or cling to your ideas… and how what you are scribbling out will resonate with “the others.”

I just haven’t had a lot to say…

Tonight, I have been talking with a designer about an idea. Just talking. Just an idea. We’ve gone back and forth on stuff and – after about two hours of just talking – we created something. This “something” might not change the world or make anyone lots of money, but it has already made me a better writer.

The collaboration that took place and the exchange of ideas and information that went in to the “something” that might or might not be the “it” that I’ve been searching for was a priceless reminder that I need more than what’s inside my own head and heart to have something to say.

I need collaboration. We all do.

There’s a spiritual lesson in here… I just know it. Something about how we have a Creator with Whom we can converse and – even better – Who has bigger and better ideas to throw around than we or anyone else we come in contact with can even begin to fathom. We have  a Father and a Friend and an Inspiration that we forget to lean on for the “it” more often than not… and what a waste that is!

But that’s not really what I’m getting at here. I just wanted you (all 7 of you) to know that I had an idea tonight that became a something… and I’m back.



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