Write ’em down.

It makes me happy when:

My wife talks to herself

My wife talks to me

I have written

Humidity is low

Someone agrees with me

Someone changes my mind

College football begins

There’s cheese dip

The words come easy

The words come at all

I don’t have to shave

We have Doritos

The bathroom is clean

Abe gets excited

Ben throws the ball

Ben catches the ball

Ben hits the ball

Ben kicks the ball

Ben shoots the ball

My favorite underwear is clean

I run farther than last time

Quinn says things that start with “f”

Quinn says “sireworks”

The coffee is ready

Anna runs

Jason laughs

The iPad is charged

Mom tells a story

Mom tells the story again

And again

Merrie Cannon dances

I play “soldiers” with the boys on a Tuesday morning

Bob Schneider sings

Grace is shared

Grace is shown

Grace is received

The Bible reads like a love story

We eat at Partner’s Pizza

The leaves change

The kitty litter is new

The kitty disappears

Someone gets the joke

The air conditioner is on

The air conditioner doesn’t have to be on

The grass is cut

The grass doesn’t have to be cut

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

The apple makes good decisions and doesn’t fall at all

The best things are those we most often take for granted. Write ’em down.


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