Things I did while my wife was out of town for 3 days:

Yelled a lot. Not at her. Just the kids.

Built a fire in a hole in the back yard just because.

Cut a kid’s hair.

Thought about cleaning the garage.

Ate peanut butter x 3.

Fed the kids peanut butter x 5.

7 loads of laundry.

Didn’t watch Dancing with the Stars.

Kicked the cat. Thrice.

Resisted the urge to shave a mustache.

Dusted the TV.

Didn’t fix the toilet.

Tried to hack her Facebook account so I could tell me how much she missed me.

Drank 4 beers.

Shaved a mustache.

Ate 2 packages of gummy bears.

Started reading a book.

Cleaned out the van.

Didn’t exercise.

Wiped 2 different rear-ends no fewer that 13 times each.

Worked until 3 AM… twice.

Made this:

And realized – again – how much I love, need and depend on my favorite person on the planet for just about everything that matters.


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