About the Theory

Protagonist: The leading character, hero, or heroine of a drama or other literary work… a proponent for or advocate of a political cause, social program, etc… The leader or principal person in a movement, cause, etc.

Be a hero. 

Once upon a time…



  1. I heard Don talk about this in a Mars Hill podcast. It caused a huge shift in the way i was looking at my life. A life well lived is meant to have conflict. I know I’d heard it before a hundred times. But somehow I was willing to hear it and willing to let it be true in my life.

    It made me feel free. And I’d just let go of the career I’d worked for all my life. But it made me free. it’s true, Billy. We have to be the hero in our own story and believe what’s true in every Joseph Campbell-approved Hero Journey. Life is filled with trial and tests, allies, enemies, inner most caves, dark nights and triumphs. Be Frodo and keep going.

  2. There’s a lot on my mind and tears in my eyes after reading this. I said to you at church that I think we probably have a lot we could talk about. Now, I really would like to sit down for a good and long talk.

    You helped me reconnect with my story. I’m slogging through a lot of pain, and I’ve lost sight of the Big Story. I forget that I have a book that is in production about teaching evolution in public schools so that religious kids don’t feel beat up by it. I forget that I’m a teacher, and I touch lives each day. Just today, I forgot that it was a beautiful spring day outside. You helped me remember. Thanks.

  3. Sometimes, we seek to make our mark through others, or together with others, for me, it is with my son, Dante. What value we bring to others we can create for ourselves. However, I have often been disappointed in how protective and competitive others are and I have always felt blessed when working with people like Billy and Ted, who understood not only my son’s passion, but a mother’s mandate, to guide, support and help dreams be realized.

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